Drone Kits for Builders and Makers

SI Drones provides a line of small multi-rotor radio controlled aircraft called Personal Drones. These aircraft fly via remote control or semi-autonomously using optional GPS assisted navigation. On board flight controllers use 3 axis gyros & accelerometers, as well as electronic compass and barometer to provide a stable flying experience allowing even novice pilots to quickly learn to fly. They are configured in a novice mode providing an easy flying experience, but can be switched to more agile flying modes for the advanced flyers. It has a payload capacity of optional equipment such as cameras (exceeding 500 grams).

Flight times vary from 10 to 30 minutes depending on payload weight and prevailing winds. SI Drones are configured as quadracopters, using four quiet brushless electric motors. The flight controller manages the relative speeds of the motors providing maximum stability while maneuvering forward, backward, up, down, left and right, and to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. The aircraft is highly stable even in moderate winds. It can be used for RC recreational flying or for more serious purposes. When equipped with an optional on board camera, The Falcon can be used for Aerial photography, Aerial Inspections, Aerial Security & Surveillance, Scientific Research, Wildlife Observation, and Mapping.

SI Drones mission is to provide builders and makers proven tested designs based on customizable, low cost, open source technology. Currently most people interested in drones are faced with limited off-the-shelf consumer drones, very expensive commercial vehicles, or the complexity of building one from scratch. We provide a line of personal drone kits for Builders, Makers and Pros. Our kits are based on open source technology and are fully customizable. We provide detailed parts lists as well as online assembly guides, including video tutorials. Our assembly guides are structured as mini online courses which provide detailed step by step assembly instructions.

SI Drone kits use tested proven designs and use low cost, readily available components. Our kits primairly use carbon fiber frames which we find to be the most robust. We also provide the option of two different open source flight controller technologies, both the lower cost multiwii and the more capable APM architectures. Unlike off the shelf consumer quadracopters with limited range radio control, we use direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) technology on the 2.4 GHz ISM band. Range is upto 2 kilometers. Each transmitter has a globally unique identifier (GUID), to which receivers can be bound, ensuring that no transmitter will interfere with other nearby systems.

Some kits such as the Falcon use partially assembled frames simplifying assembly, while others like the Hawk involve full assembly of the carbon fiber frame. Our designs are flexibale and allow for user customization during assembly. Users have the option to purchase the parts on their own from a detailed parts list. They can use the detailed online assembly guides and tutorial videos for assembling, configuring and flying their drones. They have the assurance that the result will be a solid and stable design with good flight characteristics. Basis flight tutorial are also provided.

SI Drones can also provide complete drone kits delivered directly to you, simplifying the process of gathering all the components for your drone. We also offer fully assembled and tested operational drones based on our kit designs.

SI Drones has a number of exciting new designs in development. In addition to standard drone kits, SI Drones is able to provide custom drone designs based on your needs.