Rick Spitz is a former Vice President at Apple Computer Co. From 1991-96 his organization of 600 engineers & designers at Apple produced Macintosh OS System 7, Apple Power PC Systems, Quicktime video multimedia, and expanded worldwide Mac OS releases to support Asian languages.

Currently, he owns Spitz Industrial Design providing technology guidance to start-up companies. He founded Spitz Industrial Design in New Hampshire in 2010 with offices in the classic Millyard district of Nashua, NH, abut 1 hour north of Boston, Mass. SiDrones, is a subsidiary of Spitz Industrial which designs drone technology for the educational and commercial markets.

Prior to his current endeavor, he cofounded ReachLocal Inc. in 2004 in Los Angeles, CA where he served as Chief Technology Officer. ReachLocal was an online advertising company focused on midsize businesses. The firm grew to over 1000 employees doing business worldwide. The firm went public in 2010 and Spitz retired from Reach the following year. From 2000-2003, Spitz was Chief Technical Officer of Worldwinner. The company had offices in Newton, Mass & Los Angeles. Rick helped grow it from a new startup to a vibrant site providing online games of skill paying cash prizes for millions of players.

Prior to joining Apple in Cupertino, CA, Spitz served as Group Manager for VAX/VMS Software at Digital Equipment Corp leading the development of their flagship computer operating system. His educational background is in electrical and computer engineering. His bachelor’s degree is from Clemson University, in electrical and computer engineering. He earned a master of science degree in computer engineering from University of Massachusetts Lowell and also has an abbreviated MBA at Boston University’s Executive Leadership Institute.

He lives with his wife Barbara in Amherst, NH. His son, John, works with him in Spitz Industrial Design, and his daughter Carly Segreti supervises Match Support for hundreds of children at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay/Boston.

Spitz is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Church of Nashua, NH. He also serves on the Board of Directors of OMNI AI, a Texas based artificial intelligence company specializing in unsupervised machine learing. His interests include outdoor photography, kayaking and travel. He also does volunteer work in the areas of homelessness and opioid recovery.

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